Friday, April 9

Easter Eggs

Egg Coloring : West meets East

Orthodox Christians color their eggs mostly red or colorfully with pen (pisanki/pysanky) and wax. Custom of coloring in color red or natural onion skin - red boiling water, comes from the early days of Christ’s resurrection. Church says that Marie Magdalene went to Rome to the Roman emperor Tiberius with a gift: red egg as a symbol of Christ’s blood and new birth and a message “Christ resurrected”.
Technique of herb-imprinted eggs in onion-skin infused water is one of the most unusual you’ll find in the western world. Fast West invented many instant coloring techniques including “pisanki replica rings“. Results are very good. It is sometimes hard to see a difference between originally pisanki decorated egg and one “dressed” in pisanki ring.
Couple of years ago I found one of the funniest kits ever, kids favorite, “put a mask on the egg”. Coloring kit included little plastic masks, so after putting it in some cool colors, your egg goes undercover, disguised as a bunny, chicken etc...
Anyhow, egg coloring today, is fun and creative, more than ever before and to enjoy it, you should try and test as many techniques as you can.

Real pisanki Easter eggs made by my daughter. Picture mosaic shows whole process of coloring, drawing, pisanki tools and final product: Easter eggs. More can can be found on more recent post Easter eggs-Ukrainian way

Whole natural way of coloring with fresh leaves and onion skin infused color

Fake pisanki eggs, made by those plastic rings. Pretty close to original!
The small ones with marble look are quail eggs. 

One of the Greek's traditions for the Easter.
 Bread and eggs baked together in the oven.

Easter 2004 (eggs done with store bought brush and colors)

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