Tuesday, April 27

Welcome to paradise ! Hawaii

Going to Hawaii is like going to paradise, in every way. Scenery, food, art, people's creations, life.. How can anybody there be in the bad mood ?

Somewhere under the rainbow..

Chose your accomodation:


There is a place for everyone here

What happened to the mail? Eaten by the fish, in style..

HANDMADE in Hawaii

more at my Craft blog

Surf heaven

Surfboards made by local artists in North Shore.
If not a great surfer, at least you can say you have the coolest board, Mona Lisa's reason for that misterious smile. 


Don't worry if you lose your sandals on Waimea beach, it will become part of
the history ."Sandal tree" is lifeguards work-of-art .

Markets of Haleiva

Time is precious!

Dress, surfboard, .. or alligator (in the window)

Honolulu's Arts and Crafts Market

Hawaiian Quilts


I had a chance to learn how to make a famous kukui nut necklase while in Hawaii. Like many other things there, kukui has a special meaning and simbology. Iit was most valued for its oil,The flowers and nuts are all used for medicine. As food, roasted nuts, salt and sometimes chili peppers, is used as a relish and is called `inamona.
White flowers were given to the child to aid in healing of (thrush) sores inside the mouth and upon the tongue. This is also used for chipped lips, cold sores and sunburns. I personally had loads of help after days at the beach.
I found out from my kukui necklase teacher that this nut today is used to help with blood pressure, constipation, deep bruises, rheumatic joints, but especialy bad skin problems: ulcers, eczemas and psoriasis.

Wauke Strip

Raw kukui nuts

after some time become polished and darker.

To make your beautyfull necklace beside colorful kukui nuts
we were given option to add some shells too.

Pick your ribbon and start "sewing" the necklace with 
peace of wire  or pin  attached to one side of the ribbon.

And enjoy it for a long time!

For the end one more thing

Wishing Doll, to come back again


Whole Foods market

Self Grilling at Shorebird Restaurant at Honolulu

Subs can be big here!

Healthy ingredients everywhere!

Tekila and Mariachi..

Soy sauce served in nice sushi place on Kalakaua Avenue

Giovanni's Shrimps

Shaved Ice

Best place for shaved ice : M. Matsumoto place

Some movie stars loved coming here

Many choices!

Make your penny looks so Hawaiian!

Big machines for shaving ice

Shaved ice is than scooped on paper cones and you pick your flavours


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