Thursday, May 27

Ederlezi with Orkestar Sljivovica in Vancouver

* Ederlezi (Roma) or Djurdjevdan ("St George's Day" in Serbian/Macedonian) is the traditional "beginning of spring" celebration that so many cultures embody in one way or another.
Balkan style party with Sljivovica, Zirkonium, Bolting Brassicas, Mezamazing, Gradina Serbian dancers and Luciterra tribal dancers, was a chance for Vancouverites to experience some unusual and amazing music, dance, drinks and food. Strong vibes and atmosphere, encouraged performers and others to celebrate untill  very late hours. Learning to dance some ethnic dances were strongly encouraged and lessons were free ...
At the end ,everyone were at the dance floor; musicians, dancers and warmly welcomed public..
Impressive bar with original liquor from the Balkan, and great homemade food, got everyone to feel like home.
I was amused by very inventive menu.

Sljivovica is also very strong Serbian plum brandy, here mixed with pop. Names of the drink mixes say how it affects the body and mind! 

Pita, Sljivovica but no Sarma

You can find recipes for pita and sarma with step by step photos how to make them, on my page Cooking 101.

Multiple choice of Sljivovicas!

It started euphoric!

Slivovica gets everyone from their chairs!

Serbian folk dancers gave short "kolo" classes.

It continued with Seattle's bend Zirkonium

Everyone on their feet until early morning!


KZalite said...

Hi Zexxy's wife:

I'm wondering if I can use your quote that you wrote about our show in 2010? It was the Ederlezi write-up that you created on your blog that I'm interested in...could I use it in some media material that we are creating for the 2012 festival? We are trying to go really big and bring a band over from Serbia so we're ramping up our media....
Kris Zalite (tapan for Slivovica)

Zexxy's wife said...

Hi Kris,

As a big fan of your band, I could give you only one answer: Sure, feel free to use my write-up on Ederlezi in Vancouver!

Looking forward to seeing Sljivovica perform again, and again ...