Thursday, August 19

Aïoli - Provencal Garlic mayonnaise

The word comes from the Provençal ai (garlic) and oli (oil), or Catalan  all and oli :"allioli".
Marseille's culinary heritage, dates back to 1774 and is a traditional accompaniment for bouillabaisse, fish soup, fish, etc. Aioli was once called the butter of Provence. Delicate and refined, it's more than a sauce ! French people say that Aioli concentrates all the strength and joy of the Provençal sun. It's a mustard-less mayonnaise made from olive oil and crushed raw garlic.

Though some cooks say you should add a drizzle of lemon juice to white the aioli, purists respond "Never!"
It is a great complement to any fish, especially grilled salmon!

Recipe can be find under Great food + Recipes Aioli

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