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*More Ethno style now can be find on my Zexxy's wife-crafts blog

Some small ethnic stores can bring the world to your doorsteps and Vancouver is probably one of the best places to feel that global vibe in many ways. Creativity and originality of the people from the other continents gives us sparkle of hope to end humdrum to this global trend of washing away anything unique and different including style. Through the pieces of artworks in these stores it's easy to feel a lifestyles of other people and nations and enjoy their preserved heritage. And Vancouver's West End, Gastown or Commercial Drive are the best places to feed a desire for that type of inspiration.

Manish Arora tagine inspired dress

African fashion

           Handmade socks from Serbia

Chinese traditional-new styles

Chinese wedding dresses

 Indian wedding dress handmaid

African stylish sandals                                                                              

Serbian traditional shoes

Traditionally embroidered Serbian skirt

From Iran's fashion show
African modern dresses 

                                                          Ukrainian folk dress and hats

 Mexican national dress and shirt


Cuban style
 South American hair accessory

Old Traditional urban dress from Serbia 

                                                       African wood drinking set

Old Balkan tapestry and

Serbian national bag (similar style and fabric)

Water (or other liquids) bottle made from wood - Serbia


 Provencal traditional dresses

Provencal traditional tablecloths

North African basket

Cuban pueblo painting

Pacific North west native poncho

Soft seat with ethnic Indian handmaid embroidered fabric

Paraguay national embroidered apron

From Cannes fashion streets

Some of the photos are from a fashion shows around the world and some of these designs can be find at  "10000 Villages", my favorite store or at least use them for inspirational purposes.

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