Wednesday, September 29

Kick-Ass cake

Birthday's presents headache, in my family is long gone history, because of my intention and desire to replace buying with creating. It's encouraging if others also have at least a positive opinion about your work and definitely a big plus if you get request from a birthday person to make him something. Now, when that desire has been gladly accepted and preferred, every birthday becomes a home workshop and "You can do it -Club" that everyone is very excited about. I recently had an order to create a movie/comic book character cake of Hit-Girl, and the cake had to have a raspberry filling!
The Superhero movie Kick-Ass made a biggest fan of my eight year old, so I didn't have an easy task. But a wish is a wish.
This was probably one of the hardest cakes I have ever made, because of the "material" I used for the cake. I wanted the layers to be meringue/daquoise without any flour or nuts in it, because I think with a fruity filling such as raspberry, any overwhelming cake would reduce that beautiful raspberry taste.
Although, it was hard to model a head from this type of cake (no marzipan or sugar paste involved) , and the cake didn't look so promising at the beginning, at the end , everyone was very happy .
And the most important part, the birthday girl thought that this cake really kicks ass.

Recipe for Raspberry meringue cake is under page Cool cakes

          It all began from here. After I created a ball from egg white layers and raspberry filling, cake was ready for sculpturing . With a little bit of additional meringue layers for hair, nose, lips and a mask covered with melted chocolate and egg white icing for the final glaze, this tasty raspberry cake got his final  shape .

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Liliana said...

What a funny birthday cake!!
Tahnk you for your kind words in my blog