Friday, September 24

Latte Art

Last weekend in Vancouver, Latte and Art lovers had a great opportunity all day to enjoy great lattes and hot chocolates for free and as a bonus to watch one of the best latte baristas creating them just in front of their eyes. It all happened in Central Library's Blenz Coffee.
Fun event called "That barista thing" , fulfilled everyone's already beautiful September's day with music, coffee and free goodies.. And that art in the cup ... Very creative.
Although ,the winners were mostly hosting Blenz employees, all competitors, few from the other Continents, deserved at least equal compliments. The criteria was split in three categories : Creativity, Balance and Color infusion. One of the judges explained to me that a balance means how well the picture in the cup was spread inside a cup circle, and color infusion is actually the contrast of the colors (milk vs. coffee or matcha). Art Latte baristas also have had two "source material" options : coffee or matcha tea. All green lattes, obviousaly, were made from powdered green tea - matcha .

Blenz blog  has a recipe for latte called "Sugar Love" which is original creation of this event's First place Winner, Noam Dehan :


Double shot of espresso
Steamed milk
White sugar


1) Rim the mug with fresh lemon.
2) Place the rimmed cup in white sugar.
3) Pour the double shot of espresso in the mug.
4) Top with steamed milk and decorate.

For more Coffee and Latte recipes and Coffee drinks go to my Espresso page
Manual for creating a latte at home with no experience and expensive tools, can be also found on the same page.


 Winning cup
(silhouette in the cup is Inukshuk , famous as 2010 Winter Olympic Games logo)

Competing and judging


Rejane Cavalcanti said...

Wonderful work. Great blog. Congratulation, Rejane

Terrie said...

Coffee art ! Viewing is mouth-watering.