Monday, October 4

A Few days in Seattle

I spent a few beautiful fall days in Seattle.To rise early in the coffee town, smell and taste masterpieces of pastry around Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market was number one on my list. And of course with high expectations... It's a birth town of many famous and less famous coffee (and not only coffee )companies, and of course of the artistic style and lifestyle that Seattle symbolises around a globe. Seattle is one of those rare cities in America where on the streets you don't see only big cars, but actually a real pedestrians in a stroll. Transit system is very efficient and many people are using it on a daily basis, like in Europe. Transit is free in Downtown which is real benefit for everyone and especially tourists. Suburban area also has his own flare, but you don't have to go far to feel the original sense of this town .

Arts and Sights



                Building arch in Belltown                                      Pike Place Market

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