Monday, February 28

Hobo bag - from recycled materials

This is my most serious craft work thus far. Usually, I make funny, child-like bags, but this was a project that I had thought about for a long time. I had this idea about a big leather bag where I can put my books, lunch, umbrella, wallet and other things that you need every day. I had an old leather jacket too big for me, that I got for free, a few other fabric pieces, that were at no cost too and a cute fur piece I got in a thrift store for 99 cents. One condition for my ideal bag was that it had to be convertible, from a short one-arm bag to a long stripe postman-bag. My hands are usualy loaded with groceries, so this way it would be much easier to carry a bag without it constantly slipping off the arm.

So here it is - my own "designer" hobo bag, designed and made by me from recycled materials. You can see more details on my Craft blog...

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