Wednesday, January 25

Pantry food and preserves

Nowadays, there is almost no need in the Western world to preserve. Everything is so accessible and easy to find all year round.
It's too bad that we no longer have the luxury of time and that we are too busy to create these lovely and fantastic preserves by hand. I hope that this post inspires you to find the time to create your own preserves and truly enjoy them!

Some may find time and some may find it interesting, but at the end you'll feel proud to open the doors of your pantry, and see jars of food, handmade by you.
These good, old recipes are not that easy to find, they're usually taught to you by some old aunt or grandma, who keeps all the recipes in her head, not on paper. Some tricks and tips are similar to old folk-medicine; just so common between certain nations and groups of people that there is no need to record it. Like the tip from my father-in-law, to put a couple of corn kernels into the sauerkraut so that it becomes a nice yellow colour.
I thought that it would be useful to have these preserve recipes recorded somewhere for myself.
So here they are for everyone else on my new page "Pantry".
It's an international pantry, like many other recipes on my blog. Here you'll find some Greek and Middle Eastern drinks and herb mixes like Za'atar, Sauerkraut recipe tips from the Balkans and Native American ways of preserving fish and meat etc.. Even some interesting recipes made with these preserves, like amazing Italian cookies called - Pamperato.

I hope you'll find it useful and interesting.

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