Saturday, February 11

White chocolate Cow cake

 It was birthday time again in our family and this time, the birthday cake wish was quite simple -a cow.-
Since my oldest one loves white chocolate, it was obvious that the cow should be white. It was a last minute decision about the design, so I used what I had to get that cow looking like one.
The birthday girl liked it, which is the most important thing.
I'm not a big fan of the "white chocolate" taste, and the fact that it is even classified as a chocolate. So if you are using it in your recipes for the first time, be careful, it can have quite an overpowering and unusual taste. It also contains loads of sugar.

To make a cow head, you have to shape your cake like a dome, by baking three different sized layers of Genoa cake or any other kind you prefer. After layering the cake and placing the filling in a bowl wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, leave it in the fridge to set. Once it sets, take it out and flip it onto a plate.
Start decorating by covering the cake with icing first and then putting some details on. I used small biscotti for the cow's ears and simple round cookies for the nose. "Smarties" can also always be used for the eyes, tongue and other details. To make the cow cake furrier, use large shredded coconut.
The recipe for the White Chocolate Cake as well as a recipe for Pave du Roy - a famous french orange marzipan cake that also uses a Genoa cake as a base- can be found on my Cake page.


Terrie said...

Watching the funny face makes smiling, eating it warming my heart. This is a pretty and lovely cake.

Zexxy's wife said...

Thank you Terrie for the kind words.
I love making these funny cakes for my kids. It's well worth all the effort to see them happy!