Monday, June 18

Craft Project: Quick summer dress

Although there is still no sign of summer and warm weather here in Vancouver, fun and colorful summer dress can cheer up any girl's heart. 

Spring cleaning and old clothes recycling doesn't always have to be "get rid of it" philosophy, especially if it's something your children loved. Some quality old pieces can easily be reused and rebuild into cool new and fashionable clothes.

When I wanted to get rid of the small fancy shirt, and heard complaining, I came up with an idea to combine that pink shirt with the old fashioned yellow dress that was never favorable. Since the shirt was tight, I had to find another upper part to put all that together. It was not hard, going trough child's closet is like a puzzle game, you just have to find fitting piece. And I did, another mini dress/shirt, ideal : color matching purple, floral design, upper size fits etc..
See more at my Craft blog how I put all these pieces and parts together and designed and made this dress in little more than two hours..

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Terrie said...

So sweet dress and gorgeous girl. just like a Snow White.