Sunday, September 8

First Silk Woven Dress - from my loom

It took me few weekends to finish this weaving, and more to come up with the design for this dress.
But it's finally here!

It's woven in one piece with opening in the middle

Silk,Bamboo and Cotton threads were used

Side inserts were brainstormed for a days, as I didn't know how to for dress from long piece of woven cloth since it was narrow in hips.

In combination with my leather necklace made previously from bits and pieces of leftover leather, top part really stands out

Big thanks to my beautiful daughter for modeling this dress. Size can fit us both but it looks so much better on her!

Blue linen insert and edges completed the dress

Side leather detail

I have used great silk threads and few leather strips. Last photo shows how many threads I used.
More on my Craft blog about making it.


Fish Box said...

This is friggin amazing.. loves !!! Keep on weaving . WWW.FISHIANBOXRECORDS.COM

Zexxy's wife said...