Tuesday, April 22

Easter Eggs - colored this Easter

My daughters and I spent very busy Saturday coloring eggs mostly with Pysanky.
With some of their friends over, drawing designs, learning how to use kistka, with loads of smoke and fumes of melted wax and candles... it was really fun event for everyone.
So before I completely forgot how and what we did and start puling my egg coloring bag again next year, I got the idea to make this "Easter coloring notes" photo album. It's nice to remember and it could use as an inspiration for the next time.
Some tips from this year: melting of wax is better done over candle than in the oven, since some of my dyes started to melt as well! And make some effort to pick quality dyes, it makes difference during coloring and applying color over eggs.

Here are some of our Easter Eggs of 2014:

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