Wednesday, July 23

Hand woven crop-top

Summer collection 2014

With hot days and finally some nice weather in Vancouver, we could enjoy light clothes as well. As I had that in mind, my latest project was sleeveless short top, or something that could be called crop-top.

It goes very well with my recently woven bag.
Along with my summer dress woven previously on my four shaft loom..

This all together adds up to my summer handwoven "couture" collection..
Hmm, what could be next on my loom..?

Inspired by my recent handwoven bag, I decided to continue the line and create similarly designed top, as I'm proud to progress with four shaft loom designing.

Side attached separately woven pieces and silk treads used for tying

As I have some idea for a long time to create my clothes from thread to the final fabric, design by me and put together by me to wearable creation, I realized that I already have small summer collection of my handwoven pieces! Really exciting, and as one of my friend would say, not really good for the economy....

This might be called now "My handwoven summer collection 2014"- "Zexxy's wife couture collection", see more on my Zexxy's wife-craft blog.

My Summer Collection 2014

This silk dress just grew as I started to put threads in the loom. I was little bit disappointed that it did not show more some patterns I tried to succeed but at the end combination of colors and wonderful silk threads created really lovely look. No mentioning how much time I spent to finally create the dress from woven fabric....

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