Thursday, February 12

Grumpy (the cat) Cake and blouse (not so grumpy)

Grumpy cat created from marzipan
It was that time of year again! My oldest daughter's birthday.
Although she's seventeen now, she still had some requests for her birthday cake. Oh, and it was at a last minute!
It's hard for me to, kind of, overhear the requests.. I'm not sure why, maybe that's just a mother's thing, but I put myself in loads of problems with that... For instance, spending all day making the cake. But it was worth, she was really excited, when I put the cake in front of her.
Grumpy cat, everyone's favorite, was so grumpy...And her comic style figure, doing Presidential Debate against Mr Cat..
She asked for the Lemon tart-like cake and that was not so great, lemon filling was overpowering, so next time I should find more mild lemon recipe.
Because of that I'll put the lemon tart recipe that my daughter made for her sister's birthday. 

My weaving was done recently, so I combined it with some great silk, recently find at a one of the greatest stores for sewing and crafts  "Dressaw", and made this shirt for her:

My Lemon cake recipe with
Almond cake layers 

Lemon filling:

Presidential Debate decoration - Grumpy cat vs Nat

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