More of my weaving , sewing etc...can be seen at my Craft blog, but here is a short summary of my most exciting projects.
Hand-weaving became my recent passion and I progressed from small cricket loom to two and now four shaft loom. It was quite complicated to learn how to set up and put threads on the loom apart from the process of weaving, but internet is really one of the best miracles that happened in the history of mankind, at least in the education part! I wish we, as my daughter would say, 80's people, had it when we were growing up....Too bad that many people today don't take it as an advantage this way. World would be much better place.

All my handwork is designed and made by me. People ask me about patterns..I have no patterns. When I start making something I have preliminary idea what to make and approximate colors and shape. I calculate how much thread or fabric I'll need. I then get my material, often half changed, to fit colors or fabric type etc.. If it's a weaving I develop pattern on paper. I came up with the final idea on the go. It's usually different than starting idea in my head. It's developing while creating it and I basically never know how will look at the end. That keeps it exciting!

Here are some of my best projects:

My best and largest project so far:

First project on 4 shaft loom - Dress made of silk and cotton treads

Crop top and bag - 4 shaft loom - cotton

Girls top - 4 shaft loom, cotton, leather

Crop top - 4 shaft loom , bamboo, cotton

woven skirt - 4 shaft loom

cotton woven bag with leather edging - 4 shaft loom

Small leather woven bag - 2 shaft loom

Small bag - 2 shaft loom, made from cut leather strips

Embroidery on bag

Something finaly for men - woven scarf - 4 shaft loom

My first ever project - Puppy backpack with flashing eyes! sewn from purses and old bags and fabric pieces

Leather Piggy purse

Summer dress made from $5 Zara's man scarf (this man must have delicate taste..)

Watch bracelet - leather and beads

My favorite bag - leather and fur pieces from old jacket and thrift store 

Baby shoes with engraved name at the bottom

Leather necklace

Felt beret - made of felt wool - easy and fun craft

Weaving story

I started weaving on mini simple loom
found in thrift store and progressed to this 2 shaft

Then I bought this 4 shaft loom

Always wanted 8 shafter, for more patterns, finally got it.

Now I can do my weaving in my converted storage room along with other members of the family who are interested in weaving and crafting

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